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  By a computer
FileMaker is an ideal tool for performing repetitive tasks, store and control data, billing lists, classification, records, calculations, reports, etc.. Particularly recommended for small and medium businesses. For more information visit the web site www.FileMaker.es
  A computer netword
Installed base in a computer can be accessed by multiple computers and network access as a user or administrator scalable for sharing data with FileMaker leading warranty.

These connections can be network-level internal or external on-line. We can have a FileMaker database published on the web, so that connections can be made via browsers located on the internal or external network.

If you really want a professional, you can also work through specific servers FileMaker databases that give you the databases 24 hours a day working and sharing data.

  Developments FileMaker
FileMaker Migration realize the version 6 and later, to the latest version. Modify, add functionality to your FileMaker database, or created custom to your needs.
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